by stonesphinxes

You may not like me.

That’s fine.

I have a collection of thoughts that are practically guaranteed to fluff the rice of anyone traveling along on any given sacred cow.  I’ve been a political conservative of the paleocon libertarian variety in an incredibly liberal area.  I’ve been an agnostic skeptic in the Bible Belt, and also in enclaves of granola mothers (the crunchy mamas were more hostile, honestly).  I’m a female men’s rights supporter.

Consider this a trigger warning.

It seems these days, there’s a small contingent (small especially in proportion to the volume of tantrums they throw) that believes that people who hold opinions contrary to theirs should be unable to hold jobs, or to live their lives in peace.

See the recent doxxing and job loss (video link) of the artist of Plebcomics.

Some people, you see, had their feelings hurt by her comics, since they did not massage their special interests with requisite vigor.  She dared point out hypocrisy in some of those special interest groups as well.  The nerve.  They responded in a rational and mature fashion by emailing her employer with threats and pornography until the artist decided to resign to save her employer the trouble.

In a similar vein the Tumblr site “Racists Getting Fired” does just what it says on the tin.   If you see someone say something objectionable or that upsets you or your special interest, get them fired!

Which may seem like a juicy way to get back at those awful detestable people who don’t toe the orthodoxy, that is until someone with an axe to grind, oh, an ex boyfriend maybe, submits doctored screenshots and fires an internet crusader mob straight at her employer.

Because how could any of this possibly go sideways.

In my own experience I was forced to rage quit Reddit (though I prefer to picture it as walking away from an explosion without looking back) because my opinions on gender relations were apparently intolerably heinous.  Namely I discussed Red Pill philosophy without the necessary crossing oneself, spitting three times, and spirit cleansing ritual.  Several individuals took it upon themselves to go through years of innocuous and frankly tedious post history (I was really into kitten pictures for a while there)  and attempt to put together who I was and where I worked.

Clearly it is unacceptable to not agree with the professionally offended.  Their tender sensibilities clearly cannot withstand such easily avoided assault.

Myself however, I’ll continue with my little thoughtcrimes, and leave them here for other oldthink unpeople.

*Image Credit: Liberymaniacs @ Deviantart