Simple Answer

by stonesphinxes

Four brothers from Australia split to go join the IS Jihadis in Syria, having previously shown no indication of being any sort of radicals.

Per the article:

The mother, she’s questioning why would they go there. Two of them barely can walk; they’re very unfit, and obese.

The two oldest are 25 and 28, and each weigh over 300 pounds.

It’s so obvious it hurts – In Australia, they can’t get laid.  In Syria, as Jihadis, they will be given at least one wife by religious authorities (who I assume will be culturally required to service them) and a lot of talk about 72 virgins and whatnot.


Update: 12/23/14 8:29am


[Amnesty International] said on Tuesday, women faced torture, rape, forced marriage and were “sold” or given as “gifts” to ISIL fighters or their supporters in Iraq and Syria.