Sounds *Very* Familiar

by stonesphinxes

From a Boko Haram spokesman on the killing of politician Abba Anas Ibn Umar Garbai outside his home in 2011:

“We are doing what we are doing to fight injustice, if they stop their satanic ways of doing things and the injustices, we would stop what we are doing.”

See, if you would just get over your silly thoughts and do everything the way I tell you, we’d have a perfect relationship and I wouldn’t have to beat you.

This group may have killed a total of 2,000 people in the last few days.

Millions have fled the region over the last 10 years.

This is why when a guy says “I’m an asshole.” I don’t pass it off as a joke, like he doesn’t really mean it.  I believe him, and scratch him off my social calendar until roughly the end of time.

Also when a group says “We will murder anyone who insults our religion, and you insult us by not converting to our religion,” I don’t handwave it away as they don’t really mean it, I’m sure they’re perfectly nice, and just like me inside.

No.  Believe what people tell you.

This is why I’m not surprised every time a radical Islamist group/individual does something outrageously violent in either a first or third world country.  Where’s the shock, they told you they would do this.